The weather is getting warmer. Spring is finally here. This is the time of year where parents and their children enjoy the outdoors. They usually visit the parks and playgrounds.

Even though the playground is a fun place for our children where they can feel free to run jump and climb, at the same time it can be a dangerous place where children can get seriously injured.

So what should a child wear to the playground. K.I.D Clothes and me created a fashion playground safety checklist. Here is a list of five things you should always consider when you dress your child for the playground.

Here are the fashion playground safety do’s and don’ts

1. Drawstrings. Please remove all drawstrings from shorts and pants. These strings are a danger at the playground. Drawstrings have been known to get caught on playgound equipment and cause serious harm.

Be mindful of fringes, scarves necklaces and loose clothing. Even the U.S. CPSC(Consumer Product Safety Commission) recommends these items to be removed from the child to ensure safety.

2. I understand the urge to dress your child in cute shorts and short sleeve shirts because its warm. But the thing is that long sleeve shirts and long pants will be safer for your child.

*Provide better protection from sunlight

* Protect from insect bites that can cause West Nile Virus and Lyme disease.

* Protect from bumps and bruises.

3. If your child has long hair tie it up. This goes for boys also. Accidents have occurred where hair gets caught on the equipment so tie their hair up.

4. Shoes. Children should not go to the playground with sandals, flip flops or barefoot.. They are in danger of getting rocks, gravel and glass caught in their foot.

5. If your child will be riding a bike the number one accessory is a helmet.

Ramona Dejesus curtis is an entrepreneur,special needs advocate, blogger,vlogger,wife, and mom in the city.

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