When you think about baby shower gifts every one thinks of the usual gifts they give to the new expecting mother. Below are the top seven gifts given at any typical baby shower party.

  1. Diapers I believe this may be the number one item on every baby shower party. During the years they have become creative in the way they deliver this gift in a baby shower.Now they come in diaper cakes and centerpieces. Believe me it is a neccesity because parents can spend over $500 dollars on diapers a year alone without all the other necessities the baby needs.

2. Gifts from the heart. This can be a gift from grandma who worked many hours making that blanket. Family members sometimes get motivated to create something that they believe will have a personal significance in the baby’s life. They start knitting hats and socks. It’s sentimental.

3. Blankets. From Swaddling blankets, receiving blankets or just blankets to keep baby warm. This is a popular gifts at baby showers. What a great gift especially in the winter when you want to keep the baby warm.Just remember to let a new mom know not to have a blanket in the crib unless baby is swaddled.

4. Clothes. Remember babies grow fast especially the first year. They are going to outgrow their clothes real fast. It is always a good idea to get clothes a size or two up. Popular clothes given at baby showers are onesies, tshirts, bibs, burp cloths, maybe that one or two cute clothing set for photographs, showing off the baby.

5. Baby wraps. This has become a new popular baby shower gift. A baby wrap is a gift that allows the mom or any family member to bond with that child.

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