Aap. The American Association of pediatrics is dedicated to the well being of newborns to young adults.

Blankets. Receiving blankets,swaddling blankets, blankets that keep your baby warm are a necessity in the winter. But please keep the blankets out of the crib to reduce the risk of suffocation and SIDS.

Car seat. When you place a child in a car seat, place them without their winter coat or outer gear. We want the straps to fit securely on the child. This prevents the baby from slipping out of place during a crash.

Dry skin. Newborns tend to suffer from dry skin especially in the cold winter months. Be sure to moisturize their little bodies to help prevent dry skin.

Ears. The baby’s ears is one of the first places where they suffer frostbite. Always keep their ears covered with a hat.

Frostbite. Frostbite is an injury to the skin and underlying tissues caused by freezing weather. We must take precautionary measures in winter time to protect the baby by getting too cold.

Germs. A newborn’s immune system is still weak. Please wash your hands if you are going to hold a newborn. Do not hold a newborn if you are sick. Germs are not a baby’s friend.

Hats. Babies have a hard time regulating their body temperature. They lose majority of heat through their heads. This is why they always place a hat immediately when the baby is born.

Infant carrier. When it comes to wearing a baby in an infant carrier, safety comes first. Whether you wear your baby inside or outside your coat, make sure the baby’s head is upright and close to your face.

Jacket. When purchasing a jacket or outerwear make sure its waterproof to protect your baby from the elements and keep them dry. A dry baby is a warm baby.

Kimono shirts. Kimono shirts for babies are convenient shirts with straps in front and sides which makes it easier dressing. You can place it over a simple t-shirt to add warmth. And it makes baby look cute.

Layers. When dressing a baby start with layers. Start with a onesie or t-shirt made of polyester or wool which will help keep the baby dry. Then you can add a sweater or jacket on top.

Mittens. To keep your baby’s hands protected from the harsh cold weather, put mittens on them. * To keep the mittens in place put socks over them.*

Newborn checklist. Your checklist for a winter baby might be different from a baby born in summer or spring. Make sure you have the necessary items of clothes to keep your baby warm.

Overheated. Remember to monitor your baby in the winter. They can become easily overheated if they are wearing too much clothes. Check their tummy or neck. If they feel warm or sweaty, then your baby is too hot. This is when you start removing some clothing.

Pajamas. In the winter many moms prefer to put their little ones on a full body pajamas that cover their feet also. This provides extra warmth especially underneath a sleep sac.

Questions??? If you are a new mom you have the right to ask questions about your newborn. In this day and age there a are so many resources available you can use. You have family, friends, online resources and your baby’s pediatrician. You should not feel uncomfortable to ask about anything you are unfamiliar with or dont know.

Rompers. Rompers are a one piece garment worn by babies and infants. They are longer than a onesie with most garments that cover babies legs.

Stroller. When you place a baby in a stroller you can cover them with a special stroller covering that provides airflow and warmth.

Temperature. 68-72 degress Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for newborns when they are inside.

Unbundle inside. In the winter once inside, you can start undressing the baby to prevent them from becoming overheated.

Vests. Vests are excellent in the winter for layering. Place baby in a undershirt, shirt, and vest to keep baby warm.

Wearable blanket. Also known as a sleep sac. A sleep sac is a wearable blanket that eliminates any loose blankets or sheets in the crib.

X-tra socks. You should stock up on socks for your baby in the winter to keep their feet warm.

Your skin. Once your baby gets inside from the cold, one of the quickest ways to warm them up is skin to skin contact.

Zzsleep. When you place your child to sleep at night make sure the crib is bare. No toys, pillows or blankets. Especially the first year to help lower the risk of SIDS.

Ramona DeJesus is an entrepreneur, blogger, vlogger and special needs advocate. Also look forward to her podcast kidstuff coming soon.

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