1.Get enough sleep.
Go to bed early. A good tip is when the baby sleeps you should be sleeping too. You will have plenty of opportunity to sleep. A newborn can sleep up to 20 hours a day, in 1 to 4 hours increments. This is your chance to get a good power nap. Remember you will be feeding the baby every two hours so you need to get some rest in so you can be your best for the newborn.

2.Take a break

This is an opportunity for you to recharge your batteries, relieve stress and possibly reduce any post partum depression that can occur, get some me time because you deserve it. Everyone knows that being a mother is challenging, especially if you are a new mom with new baby. Take a walk, exercise, read a book, get a manicure or pedicure do whatever you find relaxing and fuffilling. If you have no one to watch the baby, hire someone. Consider it money well spent.

3.Get the father involved

This is a great opportunity to get dad involved. He can bond with the child, take the child for a walk, help with the household, cook for the family do laundry and the list goes on. Mommy will greatly appreciate it.

4. Take care of yourself

This is a very important time for yourself and new baby. You need to be at your best so you can offer your best for the baby. Eat healthy, stay away from too many sugars and eat food that will fuel you. Take vitamins so you will not be deficient in any vitamins and minerals and take time to exercise. Exercise has been shown also to help you with your mood and make you feel better. Make exercise a priority. Take a power walk, join an gym, these days you do not even need a gym. Check out you tube for great workouts without even leaving your home.

5. Get a good baby carrier.

A baby carrier lets you be flexible with your child as you can run errands go to the market take a walk at the same time providing closeness with your child.

6. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

If you need help, ask for it. If family is asking to help let them assist you. You should not do this alone. Caring for a newborn is stressful in itself. Get help from family members, friends or there are resources out there to assist you with any issues you have, ex breastfeeding, clothing

7.Hang in there.

Soon you will be caring for your baby like a pro and a couple of years you can provide advise and assistance to someone else who has a newborn.

Ramona Dejesus-Curtis is the creator and founder of K.I.D Clothes. You can visit our social media pages below to get more parenting tips, videos, and baby trivia by visiting K.I.D clothes

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