1. Diapers Diapers Diapers

This is an absolute necessity for your newborn. That is why there are 3.6 trillion diapers sold each year. It will be a necessity till your baby is potty trained. Babies use 8-10 diapers a day. There are generally two kinds of diapers for newborns. Disposables and cloth diapers.

Disposables are pads with special fabric that absorbs liquid to keep your baby dry. There are many brands like Pampers https://www.pampers.com and Huggies https:www.huggies.com that are popular with moms. But these disposables can get expensive. You can spend almost $2,000 dollars on diapers in one year.

The other option is a growing trend among new mothers but not new. Cloth diapers for newborns can be less expensive, especially if you wash them yourself. These cloth diapers are usually made of cotton, hemp, and bamboo.

if you are interested in an actual breakdown of a child and how many diapers they use to how to save money by buying cheap diapers there is a great blog post by the surburban mom at http://www.thesuburbanmom.com.

2. Onesies

Baby Onesies for newborns have been around since the 1950’s. When it was created by Walter Artzt it took the baby apparel market by storm. Onesies, also called by many stores and boutiques bodysuits because Gerber http://www.gerber.com has a trademark on the word onesie, are considered one of the best gifts at baby showers. It is to be worn like a t-shirt, but it has snaps or Velcro at the bottom. This makes it easy for the caregiver to change the diaper easily.
At this stage, the best blanket for newborns is a couple of receiving blankets for swaddling.

Other uses for blankets suitable for newborns is a blanket you put over them while the newborn is in a baby carrier.
Also, you can put a blanket over the stroller to protect them from the elements.

NEVER PLACE BLANKETS IN A CRIB. This increases the chances of SIDS.

This recommendation is for the first 12 months of the infant’s life according to sleep medicine physician and pediatric repirologist at a children hospital, Joanne MacLean.

4. Hats, Beanie hats, Cute hats
A baby comes from a warm environment to a chilly delivery room. Newborns have a hard time regulating their temperature, so they tend to lose heat on their heads. One of the first newborn clothes after delivery is a hat. A hat with skin to skin contact with their mother improves the mother infant interaction.

Once the baby adjusts to the temperature outside, they do not require to wear a hat unless it is winter, cold, protect them from the sun and just to look cute. There is nothing wrong with that.


Newborn hat on girl

5. Strollers

Also known as carriages, pram, bassinets for a newborn on wheels, travel system which are strollers that come with car seats, Jogging strollers, which are baby strollers for running and umbrella strollers. With all these choices, it is hard for a new mother to decide what is the appropriate stroller for their newborn.

Lightweight strollers can start at $25 dollars for all-purpose and high-end strollers that can go up to over $1,000 dollars.

What do new mothers need to consider when they purchase a new stroller for their newborn?

1. Is it comfortable for the baby? Does the baby look happy?

2. Is it safe? Does the stroller put the baby in danger in any way?

3. Is it easy to maneuver? Are you able to easily close the stroller, walk with a stroller?

4. Storage? Can I store it in closet, Car?

5. Travel-friendly? Can I use the stroller on a bus, plane, occupy too much space?

6. Cool features? 21-century strollers come with USB ports, headlights?

A practical baby stroller for a newborn is a stroller that they will use as babies and continue to use while they are toddlers. Also, make sure that the stroller reclines because newborns cannot sit up or hold their head up.

6. Bottles

Baby bottles gift set is another popular choice for baby showers. The number of bottles a mother might need depends on whether she will breastfeed or bottle feed as well.

Bottle feedings

0-3 weeks 1-3 oz 10 x a day

1-3 months 3-4 oz 6 x a day

3-6 months 6-8 oz 5 x a day

6-9 months 6-8 oz 5 x a day

9-12 months 10 oz 4 x a day

Just remember every baby is different. Some might need more ounces. Others babies need less. Please consult with the baby’s pediatrician for any feeding concerns you may have.

There are different types of bottles to choose from. There are plastic and glass bottles. The good news is that today’s plastic baby bottles are BPA free. Glass bottles are becoming more popular choice among the new mom.

They also have a disposable-liner bottle where a plastic pouch fits in a holder. As the baby drinks, the liner collapses leaving less room for air bubbles.

Another bottle in the angle-neck bottle where the bottle is bent to allow milk to collect inside the nipple to create less air for the baby.

Wide neck bottle is shorter than standard bottles. They have a wide opening to fit wider nipples. This is a good choice if you breastfeed and you want to start bottle feeding or doing both at the same time.

7. Crib

When you pick a safe crib for your newborn, you should make sure the crib is approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association https://www.jpmc.org/ and U.S Consumer Products Safety Commission https://www.cpsc.gov/ to make sure there are no recalls on the crib you want to purchase. You want to make sure that this is the safest crib for your newborn. These agencies now have toughter standards for cribs. Due to 100 infants and toddlers dying each year because of an unsafe crib or cluttered crib.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), https://www.aap.org, a baby should sleep on a firm mattress with fitted sheets. There should be no toys, pillows, crib bumpers, loose sheets on the crib. The best crib is the bare crib.


8.Diaper Bag

What does a new mommy have in her diaper bag? A diaper bag is a bag that stores everything needed to take care of a baby.

A diaper bag might have diapers, wipes, changing pad, bottle, and formula, hand sanitizer, extra clothes and pacifier. This is a short list of what could be included in a diaper bag.

You should also carry your necessities like house and car keys, wallet, phone, water bottle and even an extra shirt for yourself.

9. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier provides convenience for moms of newborns and infant. It not only helps the mother by providing mobility for the parent but for the child also.

A baby that is carried makes breastfeeding easier for the mother by providing privacy and discreetness. The close contact the baby has with the new mom helps the mother release oxytocin which helps in milk production.

Also, there are studies which show that babies seem to cry less when they are carried by there moms. This is nothing new. There are cultures that carry their baby all day long for the first six months and only out them down to sleep.

Other studies show that carrying a baby in a carrier close to mom promotes cognitive and speech development. It is easy to see since these babies are exposed to facial expressions, body language, conversations and the world.

A baby carrier does not only benefit mom and baby. But is a great bonding experience for fathers and other family members. it allows the father and other family members to participate in the sharing and getting to know the little one.


10.A healthy mom

Number 10 is for moms. This is a beautiful time for new moms but at the same time difficult and stressful. A baby’s first year can be tough on a new mom. To raise and care for a healthy newborn, the mother needs to be strong and healthy. She is constantly caring for her newborn but she also needs to take care of herself. These are some suggestions for new mom.

  1. Sleep. When the baby sleeps mom needs to get a nap
  2. Exercise. I know there may be no time but exercise will serve a new mom well.
  3. Support. A mother can get support from family members, counselors, friends, even online support
  4. Time to herself. She can use meditation, journaling, hobbies or whatever releases stress.

I hope this helps all new moms in this beautiful journey they are about to experience. Some days will be moments you want to remember forever and other days will be overwhelming. As a mother, take it day by day. Try to enjoy your child because it wont be long before the child will be grown and leave the nest


Ramona Dejesus-Curtis is the creator and founder of K.I.D Clothes. She is also a blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur,special needs advocate, wife and mom from New York City.





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