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1. The majority of babies are born on a Tuesday.

2. Most babies see in black and white

3. Newborns sleep 16 hours a day but do not sleep long

4. They can breathe and swallow at the same time. This lasts for about seven months.

5. Baby’s first poop does not smell. It is called meconium-which is mucus from the womb. It does not have bacteria which makes poop smelly. Once they start ingesting milk, bacteria enter into the intestine and then you get the odor.

6. Breastfeeding can save a family almost $1500 a year.

7. Newborns lose 5-10% of their body weight due to fluid loss. But in 10-14 days they regain the weight back.

8. A baby’s heart rate can reach 175 beats a minute.


9. A newborn’s hair can fall out and grow back in a different texture.

10. Babies laugh 300 times a day.

11. In medieval times leeches were placed in the windpipe of a baby to treat croup.

12. Smiles come in about 4 to 6 weeks.

13. A baby is born with no bacteria in their body.

14. A newborn has a cup of blood in their body.

15. Newborns intestines are 11 feet long, It doubles once they reach adulthood.

16. A baby can suffer from baby acne and rashes due to maternal hormones passed on to them. This only lasts a few months.

17. They are nearsighted. They can only focus 8-10 inches in front of them.

18. Four babies are born around the world each second.

19. Everyone knows babies can cry but they do not produce tears until three to six weeks later.

20. Babies respirations are higher than adults. Adults take 16-20 breaths a minute. Babies can take up to 40 breaths a minute.

21. Babies can crawl before they sit or walk. Scientists in Norway placed a baby just delivered on mother’s stomach. The newborn was able to use their legs and arms to get to the breast to nurse.

23. Babies smile instinctively, not an action that is learned or copied. Even blind babies can smile

24. The newborn’s brain contains 100 billion neurons.

35. Newborns cannot taste salt till there are about 5 months old.

36. Babies are more likely to turn their heads to the right than to the left.

37. A newborn recognizes the voice of their mother.

38. More babies are born in Utah than any other state in the U.S. Vermont has the lowest birthrate.

39. A baby’s head is one-quarter of the total body length. An adults head is one-eighth of the total adult length.

40. Female babies spend more time in the womb than male babies

41. Nigeria is the place where more twins are born in the world.

42. Babies have natural swimming abilities that they are born with. Unfortunately, it disappears after a few months.

43. Baby’s double their weight in their first five months.

44. One in 5,000 babies is born without an anal opening.

45. 5% of babies born can lactate.

46. Being that breastmilk is a laxative, breastfed babies have more bowel movements than bottle fed babies.

47. A baby’s eye is 75% of the size of an adult eye.

48. A baby is rarely born on its predicted due date.

49. A baby should be seated in the rear child seat until it turns 2.

50. Newborns have dry and thinner skin than adults. Skin care is very important.

51. Many newborns are born with cradle cap. Cradle cap is crusty or oily skin patches on babies scalp. It clears up on its own after a few months.

52. Every hour a baby dies of SIDS.

53. The U.S has the worst infant mortality rate of all developed countries.

54. Babies can cry with an accent. They pick up the mom’s native language.

55. Babies need to burp. They get bubbles in their stomach that needs to come out.

57. Newborns do not need a bath every day.

58. Babies fingernails grew faster than adults. To help them from scratching themselves, have them wear mittens or socks.

59.. Babies enjoy high pitched voices.

60. Newborns can identify you by smell. It is there strongest sense.

61. Babies make a lot of noise. They grunt, groan, snort etc…All this because of narrow nasal passages during newborn state.

62. You do not have to be quiet while the baby is asleep. Leave the t.v, radio, washing machine on so they can learn to sleep through noise.

63. Half of newborns are born with jaundice. Do not worry. Eating, sunshine and a tanning lamp will make it go away.

64. Pacifiers have been known to soothe a crying baby, help put them to sleep and even reduce SIDS.

65. You should wait six months before you give your baby solid foods.

66. Skin to skin contact is important for mother and newborn. It keeps newborn warm and creates an opportunity to bond with the mother.

67. The soft spot on a baby’s head when they are born are called fontanelles, it helps the baby maneuver out of the birth canal.

68. Doctors advise not to give water to a baby before six months.

69. Never shake a baby. It can cause bleeding in the brain. Babies have died because of shaken baby syndrome.

70. A new study shows that cuddling a baby can have huge benefits. There is no such thing as spoiling a child. So cuddle away.

71. Please be careful with bathtime. Never leave a baby alone with water. Children have been known to drown in less than 2 inches of water.

72. Newborns immune systems are still developing. Please wash your hands before carrying or touching a newborn.

73. To improve chances of successful breastfeeding, try to breastfeed within the 1st hour of birth.

74. There are newborns that sleep with their eyes open.

75. Newborns can spit from their nose. Though not dangerous, to prevent this you need to burp your baby after each feeding session.

76. Some newborn’s experience skin peeling. Not dangerous this is something that will pass.

77. Babies do not need a baby walker to help them walk.

78. Newborn pupils tend to dilate right after birth. This helps the mom fall in love with her new baby.

79. A newborn share their birthday with almost 9 million people in the world.

80. Never feed a baby honey. It can cause botulism poisoning, which can be fatal.

81. A baby can get their first teeth at three months old.

82. From birth to toilet training a baby can go through 8,000 diaper changes.

83. 90% of fetuses that are diagnosed with down syndrome are aborted.

85. Babies are born with a white waxy substance called vernix caseosa . They say it has immune properties and it may be the reason for a newborns intoxicating scent.

86. Newborns have something called brown fat which makes up about 5% of body mass it protects them from cold and helps burn calories

87. Four million babies are born in the U.S each year.

88. Newborns are screened shortly after 24 hours of being born which consists of heel stick, hearing test and being placed on a pulse oximeter.

89. Majority of newborns around the world are born outside the hospital.

90. 1 out of 8 baby’s is born prematurely.

91.1 out of 2,000 babies are born with teeth.

92. Babies can learn sign language way before they start to speak.

93. The inner ear is the only sense organ that is fully developed at birth.

94.Newborn stomach is the size of a hazelnut.

95. More babies are born in August. February is the month where there are least babies born.

96. 80% of North American babies use a pacifier during the first year of their lives.

97. Female babies learn to speak earlier than boys.

98. 50% of all babies learn how to walk by their first birthday.

99. Breastfeeding a baby reduces the chances of a baby developing allergies, asthma even SIDS.

100. Not a fact, but, enjoy your little one. They do not stay small long.

Ramona Dejesus-Curtis is the creator and founder of K.I.D Clothes. She is also a blogger, vlogger, entrepreneur,special needs advocate, wife and mom from New York City.





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